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Mobile Reporters

In this day and age, there is a lot of different things going on and happening to people of color that is not being reported on the so called, “big networks”. This is the sole reason that J’ou.vert World Media llc. was created and launched. To be able to directly combat the exclusionary reporting being done by the “big networks”. Its past do time for us, you and me to WAKE UP!

Most of us are paying at least $500.00 every 12 months for that tiny computer phone and expensive camera in our pockets. Instead of uploading and contributing videos to the rich of sometimes multi millionaire who will never contribute a penny back you for uploading content and generating views on their platforms we suggest that you use our platform where we will share in the money your story generates. 50 – 50.

The web pays based upon blocks of viewers, known as CPM’s, i.e., 1000 views is one CPM. Jouvert WM. charges $125.00 per every block of 1000 views of content on our platform. You, as a citizen journalists and mobile reporters would earn 50% of that amount multiplied by each block of viewers.

Citizen journalists and mobile reporters are the largest “Big News Force” in the world and they do not know it. If you see anything that you decide is News Worthy, record it, then upload it to your free account on and we will decide if the story is FIT. Create your account today and start reporting directly from the field.