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Roughly 30 per cent of the apply of a urologist is devoted to treating ailments of the prostate gland. This organ attracts loads of consideration due to most cancers instances and associated public training campaigns. Nevertheless, many individuals are unaware of the placement and performance of the prostate gland. This can be my focus at this time.

The prostate gland is an organ positioned within the pelvis, beneath the bladder, in entrance of the decrease rectum and behind the pubic bone. The urinary tube known as the urethra traverses the course of the prostate, carrying urine out of the physique. Most articles describe the prostate as being the scale of a walnut. For these of us who might not repeatedly see walnuts, the prostate in younger males is about 20 grams, the scale of a small plum or guinep. Nevertheless, the organ will increase in dimension with age.

The expansion of the prostate is mediated by a number of components, inclusive of hormones and progress components. The testes make 85-90 per cent of the male hormone, testosterone. This hormone is transformed to an much more energetic hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), by enzymes throughout the prostate. It’s the DHT that’s liable for the expansion of the prostate. If a male baby has absence of the vital enzyme (5-α reductase) then the prostate gland is not going to develop. This truth was recognised after the invention of a gaggle of males in a small village within the Dominican Republic who had a congenital absence of 5-α reductase. They have been pseudohermaphrodites and bodily appeared as females till puberty. These people, known as “guevedoces” within the Dominican Republic didn’t develop a standard penis till age 12 years and at all times had a small prostate. This medical remark mixed with different analysis resulted within the discovery of a gaggle of medicine to deal with grownup males with a benign enlarged prostate.

The prostate gland is taken into account an “accent intercourse gland”. Its inside construction consists of a mix of fibrous tissue and glands. These glands produce secretions which type a part of seminal fluid (semen). The truth is, the prostate contributes 25 per cent (0.5 ml) of seminal fluid. This fluid is believed to offer a protecting impact for sperm, optimising the potential for fertilisation. Zinc and citrate are present in excessive focus within the prostate gland. Citrate is current 240 to 300 instances the focus discovered elsewhere, and zinc is discovered 30 instances the focus elsewhere. It’s thought that these two substances assist to take care of the construction of sperm. Moreover, zinc has potent antimicrobial properties thereby having a protecting impact on the decrease urinary tract. One other substance present in prostate is prostate particular antigen (PSA), which is universally utilised as a tumour marker for prostate most cancers. Nevertheless, physiologically this protein has a job in semen liquefaction thereby growing sperm motility. Polyamines and acid phosphatase are additionally discovered within the prostate. The prostate, which accommodates clean muscle, performs an integral half within the means of emission which happens previous to ejaculation.

The prostate gland is, due to this fact, obligatory for regular male reproductive operate. Nevertheless, there are ailments which will incessantly have an effect on this gland. These embody benign enlargement, most cancers, an infection and irritation. Males can dwell regular lives within the absence of a prostate and at instances surgical procedure is really helpful for therapy of some ailments of the prostate. I’ll talk about these ailments in upcoming points in addition to means to take care of a wholesome prostate.


Dr Belinda Morrison

Senior Lecturer and Guide Urologist

The College of the West Indies

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