Haiti – Politic : New political bureau in the Senate

Haiti – Politic : New political bureau within the Senate
13/01/2021 09:32:48

Haiti - Politic : New political bureau in the Senate

On Tuesday January 12, 2021, as stipulated within the inside rules of the Senate, the higher home composed of solely 10 Senators, proceeded to the election of a brand new bureau.

Senator Joseph Lambert, a veteran of Haitian politic, was elected President of the Senate by 8 votes in opposition to 2 abstentions. He replaces Senator Pierre François Sildor on this place

Joseph Lambert, who had gone into the opposition, declared that he would phone the President of the Republic to work with him “with out ulterior motive” even if the Senate was not consulted, amongst different issues, on the appointment of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) nor on the Advisory Committee on Constitutional Reform.

Composition of the Senate Bureau:

Senator Joseph LAMBERT, President

Senator Kedlaire AUGUSTIN, Vice President

Senator Garcia DELVA, secretary

Senator Ralph FETHIERE, Quaestor.

Listing of the ten Senators nonetheless in workplace within the Senate:

Denis Cadeau (Bouclier)

Jean Marie Ralph Féthière (PHTK)

Jean Rigaud Bélizaire (Consortium)

Joseph Lambert (KONA)

Garcia Delva (AAA)

Kédlaire Ausgustin (PHTK)

Patrice Dumont (RPH)

Pierre François Sildor (PHTK)

Rony Celestin (PHTK)

Wanique Pierre (PHTK)

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