Bulls backline guru: There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance

Chris Rossouw (Gallo Images)

Chris Rossouw (Gallo Images)

  • Bulls backline guru Chris Rossouw has warned his charges that there’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance.
  • The Bulls are currently on a different plane to the rest of their competition and are favourites to win the Currie Cup next month, but things can still change.
  • Rossouw hopes proactive efforts to help the players and coaching staff maintain perspective will bear fruit. 

Given how the Bulls have streaked ahead of their nearest competitors in the Currie Cup, there’s an argument to be made that the only thing stopping Jake White’s charges from total domination is themselves.

Sky-high confidence is no bad thing for the Bulls, but assistant coach Chris Rossouw warns that can quickly turn into something a bit more undesirable.

“Confidence is never bad, it’s arrogance that’s the problem,” he said, ahead of his troops’ trip to Durban to face the Sharks on Saturday.

“As we all know, there’s a very thin line between it. It’s obviously something that we’ll have to be aware of and manage.”

Not that complacency is expected to creep with a man of exacting standards like White at the helm.

“Jake, (team psychologist) Henning (Gericke) and Duane (Vermeulen) are doing an excellent job in that regard,” said Rossouw.

“Together with the leadership group, we’ve been talking about this very issue. We’re addressing it.”

Yet not embracing the so-called high from a winning streak would be foolhardy, which is why the Bulls aren’t going to creep into a shell of counterproductive humility.

“It’s important to maintain perspective on the matter. We consistently need to keep in mind why we’re successful. It’s because we’ve embraced a winning culture,” said Rossouw, who manages the Bulls’ backline and attacking portfolio.

“You also have to keep reminding yourself of your success and how you achieved it. If you don’t understand how you did it, you gain a false sense of confidence.

“So it’s been really important for us as a team to constantly evaluate and discuss how we’re achieving success.”

Rossouw added it would be “disappointing” if any of the players don’t grasp how their burgeoning team has been laying the foundation for a bright new era.

“There are internal and external sources of motivation here at Loftus at the moment to achieve long-term success. It would be sad if any of the players don’t realise what they’re busy with here.

“We have great fans and the union to who we owe it to keep staying focused on our task at hand. There’s a lot of games still left, so a lot can still happen, but we definitely want to win the Currie Cup and that will keep us determined.”

Kick-off at King’s Park is at 19:00.

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