Why we shouldn’t permit smuggling of Haitians

Dear Editor,

There are two serious factors which are against Guyana’s national interest in permitting a Haitian smuggling ring to operate here:

(i)Condoning people smuggling is criminalizing those Guyanese who are in the  pay of the ring.  Such Guyanese in the criminal dip include some small guest house owners, some police and others.

 (ii) Permitting Guyana’s territory to be illegally used to allow thousands to clandestinely enter neighbouring countries is against international law.  By so doing, Guyana is getting into bad relations with neighbouring countries.

Guyana must extricate itself from this problem.  The Haitians could then go directly to Brazil and Cayenne;  they don’t have to come here.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Validum Ramlochan

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