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Credit for small business



Sunwise Capital offers access to a business line of credit. A business owner can secure as much as $200,000 in business credit cards for their business. These cards are perfect for startup businesses and companies that do not want to provide financials.

The business will not need financials or revenue to qualify for this program. The client will need excellent credit to be eligible for this program as the credit card issuers want to see a 700-type credit profile and FICO scores all over 700. These credit cards do require good credit, or a personal guarantor or credit partner with good personal credit, to qualify. This funding is an exceptional option for any good credit person who is just getting started in business or doesn’t have or want to show financials.

The business owner must have no significant collections, tax liens, judgments, foreclosures, or bankruptcies on the credit report. They will only be approved if they have just a small amount of recent inquiries over the past 12 months. Also, they must have their existing personal credit card balances below 30% of their credit limits.

Clients with multiple personal guarantors can also qualify for numerous lines up to $200,000. How much they are eligible for will be based on the individual personal credit criteria.

According to Mark Kane, CEO of Sunwise Capital, “The challenge in today’s marketplace is that there are several hundred business credit card issuers, but only several dozen of them will issue you a card without using your social security number. The difference between you trying on your own and our formula is that we can get you up to 5 times more meaning getting $50K to $200K vs. $10K to $40K if you do it on your own. By letting us go to work for you, we can get you the best cards with extended 0% interest, higher limits and lower fees.”

Sunwise Capital looks to find the right solution for each customer’s requirement by searching beyond the typical banking products. Our approach creates flexibility through the use of common sense and technology. Our unique blend of successful small business entrepreneurship with expertise in the lending industry gives us deep insight into the minds of our clients.

Mark Kane
Company: Sunwise Capital
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