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Give the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree a minute. It’s just getting dressed for the holidays.

Photos and videos have been posted on Twitter suggesting that this year’s 75-foot-tall, 11-ton Norway spruce is a Charlie Brown-level mess and the latest calamity in a year full of them, but thankfully that’s not the case.

Some bystanders have been a little skeptical after seeing the tree when it arrived on Nov. 14 from its two-day journey on a truck from Oneonta, New York, to Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan.

“The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s give 2020 a round of applause,” New York Times reporter Liam Stack tweeted with a video of the tree’s limbs awkwardly flopping out.

“In true 2020 form, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree looks like it tried to cut its own hair,” pianist Chris Ryan tweeted with a picture of a raggedy-looking tree.

Another commenter compared it to the misshapen Macy’s holiday tree set up in Cincinnati’s Fountain Square that appeared to be in disarray.

As for the iconic Rockefeller Center tree, trust the process, people. All will be fine when the tree is lit on Dec. 2 to bring some much-needed cheer.

“Wow, you all must look great right after a two-day drive, huh?” the official Rockefeller Center account tweeted on Wednesday. “Just wait until I get my lights on! See you on December 2!”

A spokesperson for Rockefeller Center explained why the tree has looked a little off-kilter.

“The tree is fully wrapped, branch by branch, for a couple of weeks before it is cut and driven into the city on a flatbed truck,” she said. “The journey took two days this year.

“When it’s unwrapped and first put up, the branches don’t immediately all snap back into place, and those are the photos you’re seeing. It takes a while before it fully settles.”

The tree is currently being decorated with more than 50,000 multicolored LED lights strung on approximately 5 miles of wire. It will be topped with a three-dimensional star that weighs approximately 900 pounds and is covered in 3 million Swarovski crystals.

So don’t worry, we’re still allowed to have nice things in 2020.

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