US Open winner Osaka hints at more race activism

During the tournament Osaka received video messages from Arbery’s father and Martin’s mother thanking her for her bringing worldwide attention to their stories.

She said Saturday that she would like to meet relatives of the victims.

“Definitely. I feel like for me I learn more through experiences. For me, I feel like sharing stories and hearing people’s experiences is very valuable,” she said.

Osaka added that her boyfriend, the rapper Cordae, who supported her from the stands at the US Open, had influenced her views about racial and social justice.

“I’ve read a lot into Haitian history. My dad always talks about that,” said Osaka.

“For me, my boyfriend’s really like into reading a lot, so he’s been passing me books.

“I try not to get most of my information from the news. I try to form my own opinion sort of.”

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