Dancehall Veteran Major Mackerel Leg Amputated

Dancehall veteran Makor Mackerel leg has been amputated.

Two of the biggest songs coming out of Jamaica in the 1980s were “Pretty Looks Done” and “Dutty Bungle.” Both songs were done at the peak of Major Mackerel’s career and featured his traditional squeals and shrieks that the artist is widely known for. Despite an undeniable love from dancehall fans, Mackerel, who frequents both New York and Jamaica, has suffered many trials throughout his life and his career. As of late, he is facing an uphill battle with his health, which has resulted in the recent amputation of one of his legs.

A now-deleted statement from the artiste’s management team was posted to the official @MajorMackerel account on Instagram, explaining what had occurred and how the artiste was feeling.

“Just wanted to share some sad news before the media! Major Mackerel was admitted to hospital on Wednesday and has sadly had his leg amputated,” came the sad opening line from a member of his management team that posted the statement. “It was a hard decision but the best one. He is in good spirits and coming around well. He still has his witty sense of humor and stated, “it’s better to lose a leg than lose an icon.”

Many of Mackerel’s coworkers, both young and old, offered up praying emojis below a repost of the statement on the Instagram for prominent female disc jockey ZJ Sparks. The statement did not express the exact medical condition that resulted in the amputation. Sadly, this was not the veteran’s first time at a hospital for a serious medical issue. In 2009 he was the victim of an assault just outside of his East Flatbush New York home. According to reports, a neighbor used a samurai sword to inflict wounds on the deejay’s head and hand after he accused Mackerel of verbally harassing and flirting with his wife.

In relation to the latest health scare, Urban Islandz would like to take some time to wish Major Mackerel a speedy recovery.

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