Protesting women in Cape Town ask government to act against GBV – SABC News

Protesting women in Cape Town have asked the national government to act against the ongoing killing of women and children in the country. A large group held a placard demonstration near Parliament – calling for justice.

The demonstration forms part of the national action against gender-based violence (GBV) and femicide in the country.

A group of motorbike riders also joined the protest in highlighting the high rate of crime. Some of the participants say they want government to act.

“We are tired of the government not dedicating enough work, effort, funds and mind power into gender-based violence, literally the government has done nothing and now there is a police presence at this event,” says a demonstrator.

“I came to stand up for myself and the rights of other women because I’m tired of the raping, the killing of women and children,” adds another demonstrator.

“It is a big problem all over the world really, especially as males as well we try our best to suppress and say it doesn’t exist, but you can’t do that, that’s why I’m fighting for their rights to live,” says a male demonstrator.

Religious organisations take a stand against GBV:

Meanwhile, the Department of Women, Youth, and People with Disabilities (DWYPD) says it has drafted a new strategy on GBV that focuses on prevention.

Chief Director in the Department, Ester Maluleke, says they want to adopt local ways of stopping GBV.

“See the strategy as a game-changer because a large portion should be invested in prevention efforts. The difference with what we have been doing before compared to now is we are localising efforts.”


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