NBA YoungBoy Gifted Young Fan Who Thought He Died A 4-Wheeler

NBA YoungBoy reached out to a young fan who went viral this week because he thought the rapper had died.

Since launching his music career a few years ago, NBA Youngboy has been one of the hottest names on the scene. While critics love to comment on his music, which is definitely stuff from the top shelf or thereabout, a lot of the content about the entertainer tends to center around his issues with his the law, rival forces, his plethora of female companions, and on rare occasions, his mom. Today we are here to shine some light on the positive side of the sometimes controversial rapper.

A few days ago, a video began to circulate, showing a 7-year-old fan crying after misreading an article thinking that NBA YoungBoy has died. In the eyes of the small child named Kanye, it was his favorite rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again, who met his tragic end.

“Yea a video saying a Youngboy was shot by a stray bullet. He automatically assumed it was Youngboy. He’s very soft hearted and loves Youngboy. So, he instantly broke down,” said Kanye’s mom to The Shade Room. The now-viral video, which was captured by Kanye’s mom, somehow made its way to the rapper who felt the need to reach out to the clearly distraught youngster. According to TSR, during the video call, NBA Youngboy expressed that he was alive and in good health and supposedly blessed the boy with a few life stories.

“I was so lost at first, but his mom called last night and said my babe is ok don’t cry. Then she called today and said my son wants to meet yours,” further explained Kanye’s mom.

Aside from knowing that his favorite rapper was doing okay, Kanye was also blessed with a green Quad [4-wheel ATV] just for being a true fan. The truth is we shouldn’t expect any less from the very emotional father of five (5), who regularly shows that he loves kids.

The one negative blowback we see NBA Youngboy facing as a result of his actions could come from persons looking to pull a similar stunt in order to finesse the rapper out of a few items.

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