‘Haiti needs an economic recovery plan,’ says President Moise

haiti presidentePort-au-Prince, Aug 28 (Prensa Latina) Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise assured on Friday that the country needs an economic recovery plan to offer direct answers to the problems of agriculture, energy, communications, health and education.
The president inaugurated on Friday the day of reflection on the control of inflation and the stabilization of the exchange rate, which takes place at the headquarters of the Central Bank.

Moise estimated that a general examination should be carried out among various actors to find viable solutions, ‘it is the only way to face the future with confidence and security,’ he ensured.

The leader also regretted the rise in food prices, and that basic services such as healthcare and education are charged in dollars, a situation that further impoverishes the population, he added.

Similarly, he pointed out that the opposition operation Peyi Lok (a blocked country), which paralyzed the capital and other cities in 2019, created a multidimensional crisis and stopped all commercial and economic activitied.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe indicated that inflation and the depreciation of the national currency constitute a vicious circle and it is urgent to get out of it.

The encounter to reflect must allow decision-makers, monetary authorities, economic agents, and others to analyze these two phenomena that directly affect the long-lasting and widespread increase in the prices of goods and services.

Likewise, experts discuss the recent injection by The Republic Bank in the foreign exchange market, regulation of the financial market, and challenges of developing industries.


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