Bow Wow Getting Roasted For Standing On Tippy-Toe Beside Ciara & Angela Simmons

Bow Wow is once again at the center of another trolling on social media for allegedly standing on his tippy-toes next to females taller than him, including Ciara and Angela Simmons.

Bow Wow is certainly not the tallest among his peers, but some folks decided to remind the world of this fact today after images of his response to his natural shortcomings began to trend on Twitter. Shadmoss has been in the business from the tender age of six. Back then, he went by the name “Kid Gangsta” before he adapted Lil Bow Wow, a name which was handed to him by the two-footed Top Dogg of the West, Snoop Dogg. The rapper was included in Snoop’s “Gin and Juice” music video and was even featured on “Gz and Hustlas” from Snoop’s Doggstyle album.

Bow Wow went on to collaborate with Snoop again for “Bow Wow (That’s My Name),” which shot to the top of the charts, helping to secure a double platinum rating for his Beware of Dog album. Shadmoss sure gained a ton of knowledge while working with Snoop. Sadly, one thing he was not able to acquire from the lanky rapper was a bit of height. Throughout the years, the rapper has had to deal with a few touring figures, and it seems he has developed a way to counter the height difference.

On Sunday, folks on Twitter shared a compilation of images showcasing Bow Wow standing next to towering figures such as his rumored ex-girlfriend Ciara and TV-host Wendy Williams showing the rapper tipping on his toes apparently in a bid to appear taller.

“People used to say that Ciara’s a man cuz she so tall and muscular… When in actual fact Bow Wow had terrible short genes. But because of patriarchy, she had to take the fall…” came one tweet seemingly pointing out that the rapper’s height has never been the subject of any major scrutiny, until now of course.

Nonetheless, uplifting comments such as those did not stop Bow Wow from being roasted to a crisp by other Twitter uses this morning. “Bruh ik this n__ga bow wow got a crease in every shoe. lawd have mercy on them Jordan’s #Tiptoe,” came one tweet.

You can check out some of the other tweets below.

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