Cordae and Roddy Ricch Are Young, Fly And “Gifted” In New Video

Cordae recruits Roddy Ricch for his new single “Gifted” off his upcoming album.

Rapper Cordae recently dropped the YBN title from his name. However, it’s clear that this recent shedding has not hindered him from pumping out great music. His most recent drop sees him teaming up with Roddy Ricch for a track titled “Gifted.” The release comes as Cordae’s first solo project since last year’s The Lost Boy.

The song is a safe haven for inspirational thoughts and may just provide the push needed to get up and secure and fulfill your desires. “I got a whole lot of people that’s been counting on me / Got this bad lil’ shorty going down on the d__k,” raps Cordae before handing the baton to Ricch to add his bit to the chorus. “I met shorty and we connected like Wifi / Hopped in the Phantom, disappeared like ‘voilà.’”

The back and forth continues throughout much of the track, as both rappers sing about the struggles they faced with making it to the top. Inspiration doesn’t only drip from the smooth and careful delivery from both rappers but is also beautifully captured in the music video directed by Cole Bennett. We see Cordae making the move from an old beat-up car and using less than acceptable bathroom facilities, to an upscale mansion which he and Roddy utilizes.

Cordae celebrated his 23rd birthday yesterday and, in turn, provided us with “Gifted” no wonder his queen, Naomi Osaka, had the following to say about him: “I always feel so lucky to be in your life and to be continuously learning from you.”

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