WATCH | Drifting can be overwhelming, but ‘just don’t be scared’ – Zaeed Rajah

• Zaeed Rajah says you can’t drift with fear.

• Rajah currently ranks fifth in Drift Outlaws.

• Drifting requires that you trust your rival.

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Drift Outlaws’ Zaeed Rajah is one of the top drifters in the series. His skill behind the wheel has made him a contender for race wins, and he has no issue putting his arms out en route to chasing the maximum result.

But how does one go about drifting in such close proximity to another driver and not worry about the ‘what if’? Easy, says Rajah: You don’t carry fear with you.

Rajah explains that drifting is a dangerous sport and that damage and misfortunes are part of the package. Yet, if you want to achieve the best result – if you’re going to be the best – you can’t strap fear into the car with you. Once you have fear and doubt, it affects your on-track performance.

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As a drifter, you have to rely on your rival; just as much as he depends on you.

Rajah, who currently occupies fifth place on the log, says: “Don’t be scared of anything when you’re out drifting. If you’re scared, stay at home. Drifting has become normal for me, but you learn how to deal with the pressure. You learn not to let the moment become overwhelming. You have to stay focused.”

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Zaeed Rajah’s drift car (Image: Graeme Hank)

Compiled by: Charlen Raymond

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