NLE Choppa Criticizes Black Lives Matter Amid Jacob Blake’s Shooting

NLE Choppa criticized the Black Lives Matter movement amid a police officer shooting Jacob Blake.

17-year-old rapper NLE Choppa is sharing some wisdom on social media, hoping to awaken his black community. In the wake of the recent protests amid police brutality and social injustices, the rapper says it won’t make a difference. According to Choppa, we all have to find the answer within ourselves and change our mindset. “Media get you focused on watts not important. Everything you seeing is distracting you from watts really going on in the world ??” he wrote.

NLE Choppa is pretty much saying that all you’ve been seeing on your TV are distraction from something greater. While he didn’t mentioned what that greater cause is, he did invoked the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion shooting situation. “Y’all so worried about the meg and Tory situation and don’t even realize it got us arguing with our own race just different genders,” Choppa said while calling on everyone to unite and focus on something greater.

Though he seemed to be babbling after a while, the teenager was actually pointing out some pretty grown ideas. He encouraged everyone to be more positive and to uncover the potential to make a difference within themselves.

NLE Choppa says protesting in the streets won’t solve the problem of racial injustice and suggested that people meditate instead.

The rapper also admonished a fan who mocked his “meditate for positivity” tip and said us changing our mindsets is what will set real change in motion and overcome adversities. NLE always seems to have something woke to say, which is often overlooked. In the end, when his heavy statements did not resonate with everyone, the 17-year-old rapper said he was just trying to save everyone as the world is getting more and more crucial.

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