Liberia: LUSA Frowns On Government

–Calls for the opening of Universities and colleges

The Liberian Universities Students Association (LUSA) has frowned on the government through the Ministry of Education for the impartial reopening of schools in the country.

The group on Wednesday, 26 August called on the Ministry of Education to immediately open all higher learning institutions within the country.

“Besides, such premature calculation and decision of sending 6th graders to schools while their parents, guidance and sponsors, those men and women who are in the various universities and colleges are home has a proclivity and propensity to cause chaos among the school – going young people of Liberia because no one has more educational rights than the other,” the group warns.

The student group’s president Darius Toweh condemns the alleged deprivation and violations of university students’ rights to quality education.

He calls on all students from various universities and colleges in Liberia to boycott the 8 December 2020 senatorial elections and gives the Weah – led government 15 days ultimatum to reopen tertiary institutions.

According to LUSA president, in 2019 they cautioned the Executive Branch of government, specifically the office of the President via a press conference that the political pronouncement of the declaration of tuitions free at the state – operated universities should not be a mere pro-poor cliche.

Instead, Mr. Toweh states that they asked the government to rather actualize, pass into law and fully support and implement the policy by the Weah – led government.

But he claims that a single paper as a policy document for said declaration is yet to be presented to the leadership of the University of Liberia (UL) and other public community colleges and universities.

The Liberian Universities Students Association has frowned on the reopening of secondary schools by government for the completion of their academic year, while universities and colleges are closed and are yet to complete their second academic semesters.

The students group narrates that the World Health Organization in its recent August 20, 2020 release indicated that it is very safe for schools to open around the world.

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