Rick Ross Link Up With Kanye West At Yeezy Factory After Rozay Demands Clarity From Ye

Rick Ross and Kanye West linked up amid questions about his authenticity.

Kanye West’s recent meltdown raised concerns not just among his fans but also his celebrity friends. After the influx of tabloid news that he has incited since he held his campaign rally in South Carolina, Kanye West has become unusually reserved more recently. He appeared to have taken a hiatus from his usual antics after apologizing to his wife and mother-in-law for his misgivings when they tried to help him and for taking their family matters public.

Recently, Rick Ross expressed that he needs to have a conversation with Kanye as soon as he can. According to the “B.M.F” rapper, he didn’t want to assume what was going on without giving Kanye the chance to explain himself. Ironically, Ross says Ye did reach out, but during the conversation, he fell asleep. “He had somebody reach out to me last week. I slept through the phone call,” Rick Ross said in a recent interview.

Rick Ross/IG

“I just don’t want to drop him on his head yet because it ain’t clear to me what’s going on. I haven’t really did any due diligence, I just see what headlines come across, and we know a lot of that shit inaccurate. So I’m gonna wait for his phone call again and hopefully, I’m up to catch that motherfucker and ask a few questions. He gotta clarify some things, though. It ain’t looking good,” he said.

Kanye West and Rick Ross did eventually meet up at one of the designer’s warehouses where they snapped a photo for the ‘gram. Rick Ross posted it with no caption, but fans had no problems scribing one for him. “Name a Better Rapper than Me, I’ll Wait!” one fan commented on the photo. “Legends,” another wrote. It’s great to see Kanye’s friends supporting him through tough times.

Yeezy is due to drop his next album Donda: With Child soon. Do you think a Rick Ross and Kanye West feature is on the horizon?

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