Windows 95 Released a Quarter Century Ago

New submitter bondman writes: Windows 95 was released a full quarter century ago today, on August 24th, 1995. Long gone, nearly forgotten? I’m surprised to not have come across a retrospective article yet. I’ve linked to the Wikipedia article.

As for me I still haven’t grown to re-like The Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” yet. I got so sick of hearing it with all the pre-launch and post-launch hype, as the song was tied heavily to the Win 95 launch event. Microsoft paid the Stones a princely sum to use it.

I still remember how exciting it was to see the full-length, full-screen video included on the installation CD-ROM, “Buddy Holly” by Weezer. Mind-blowing to watch a whole music video on your computer. Crappy resolution by our standards today, and a very limited palette to my memory. But as I said, amazing in the day.

Windows 95 had many fans and many critics. At the time, I recall it as an exciting OS (or GUI on top of DOS, if you prefer). PC users were riveted to all the magazine and other media coverage pre-launch. I remember it fondly (with all the obligatory respect due Mac OS, the Amiga, and all the other early GUIs of course).

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