Shenseea Hints She’s Joining OnlyFans, “I want some of that OnlyFans money”

Shenseea wants to start an OnlyFans and she’s giving her supporters the heads up.

International dancehall singjay Shenseea is making a brazen announcement to avoid scandalous headlines. The “Sure Sure” artist disclosed on social media that she is interested in starting an OnlyFans account. It was a pretty smart move on her end if she is to avoid a tabloid frenzy surrounding her unannounced appearance on the often controversial website.

OnlyFans was launched in 2016 to give creatives a channel to connect to their fans in a more intimate way. That means they can pay for exclusive content that is not available anywhere else. It’s the place where your biggest supporters can simply have more access to you, albeit it has become a hub for overly sexual content and raunchy private shows. Its popularity skyrocketed when Beyoncé mentioned the possibility of starting her own account in her Billboard No. 1 hit “Savage (Remix)” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Many fans would be elated to see Shenseea emerge on the increasingly popular social media territory and would be delighted to join her fan club. The dancehall star took to Twitter this weekend to claim her interest in the platform with a tweet that implies much but confirms nothing so whether she will really be hopping aboard the OnlyFans train or not is anyone’s guess.

“I act like I’m ok, but deep down I want some of that OnlyFans money,” Shenseea typed with a sad face emoji. The post attracted thousands of likes and retweets and of course a thread inspired by her exciting allusions. “You’re the only one I would pay money for tbh,” one fan replied. “I’ll give all my money to you if you open an only fans account,” another supporter claimed.

It looks like Shenseea already has a gang of wide-eyed admirers lined up with their hands in their pockets. Do you think the “Good Comfort” singer will join the exclusive celebrity/fan playground?

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