Saweetie Opens Up About Starting A Family, Being Quarantined With Quavo

Saweetie wants to give her future children a different upbringing than she had.

At 26-years-old, the thought of starting a family is obviously on the mind of the “Tap In” rapper who has been in a committed relationship with Quavo from Migos for the last two years. The couple recently spoke with GQ in which the “Need It” rapper shared how he slid into Saweetie’s DMs after noticing her on Instagram and that the pair spoke for months before finally meeting up.

During that interview, Saweetie was amusingly appalled at her man, revealing that they slept together on their first date, but now she is talking about their love life herself with PageSix. “I was not nervous about being in quarantine and seeing Quavo because safe sex is great sex so you got to use that latex,” she teased before revealing how she wants to raise any children the couple might have someday.

“I have a lot of goals for myself and, if we’re being honest, my parents had me at a young age, so my grandparents raised me. I never really had that relationship with my mom and my dad. So whenever I have a kid, I want to make sure I have time for them, and right now I don’t.”

When the time does come, however, the rapper says she would like to have a boy first so that he can watch over his younger sisters in the same way that she had older male cousins and uncles to protect her while growing up. “They taught me a lot about self-worth, self-value, how to carry myself,” she told the publication.

We’re sure that when Quavo and Saweetie do have kids, they’ll be bad and boujee.

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