USAID Fortifying Basic Foods In Haiti With Vitamins, Minerals.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
These children in Haiti will get basic foods fortified with vitamins and minerals.

[Port-au-Prince] – A healthy and productive life begins with healthy nutrition. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are more at risk, and children need a good diet filled with vitamins to ensure a long life.

Since 2017, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through its Ranfòse Abitid Nitrisyon pou Fè Ogmante Sante (RANFOSE) project, has been working with the Ministry of Public Health and Population, the private sector, and other partners to ensure that fortified food products are widely available across the country to improve the health of Haitian families.

U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Michele Sison noted, “The U.S. government’s efforts, working with our Haitian partners, are leading to improved nutrition, health, and food security for Haitian communities.”

“When young Haitians are able to fully develop their physical and intellectual potential, their ability to contribute to Haiti’s future economic prosperity is improved.”

The RANFOSE project is ensuring that the Haitian population now has access to foods enriched with vitamins and minerals.  To date, 76% of the flour and 65% of the oil sold in the Haitian market are fortified with vitamins.

Food fortification is a simple, low-cost strategy that makes commonly consumed foods more nutritious. The Project focuses on strengthening wheat flour with iron and folic acid, vegetable oils with vitamin A, and salt with iodine.

The quality control manager at Carribex S.A., a local food company working with RANFOSE, Carl-Henri stated, “Since the presentation of this program, our company immediately sought information and made commitments to offer products that comply with the law on food fortification. Micronutrients are an investment in the future of the country.”

This company has decided to fortify the butter, margarine and shortening it produces, which has earned them the Serge Toureau prize created by the Ministry of Health to reward the efforts of those who fight against vitamin A deficiency in Haiti.

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