Citizen Schraider 24Ba IS OUT NOW

Citizen Schraider has not only changed Haitian music, but he’s also revolutionized music as a whole. He has reached a worldwide audience with songs that are filled with honesty and positivity. Although he had a rough upbringing with his father being murdered when he was just three, he has used his voice to inspire others. Schraider Romalli Michel, or as most people know him, Citizen Schraider has had a spectacular career so far. We’ve enjoyed watching him rise to fame, and fans go crazy for his music. Naturally, we got curious about the man behind the music. Citizen lives and often works in Brooklyn. It’s his hometown, and it’s where his family is. He’s often seen around town without security. Any big city can be a dangerous place, but sometimes even celebrities have to take a calculated risk and live their lives. However, Citizen Schraider knows better than anyone just how dirty the south can get.

Citizen Schraider Acknowledged by the music industry in 2019, he built his reputation on stylistic raps, hyper-active energy.

Haiti has given us a lot of musical talent, especially in the Hip Hop genre. And yes, a new artist is growing and his name is Schraider Romalli Michel, artistically known as Citizen Schraider.

At only the age of 24, Citizen Schraider has achieved what many others dream of. Citizen Schraider is a talented 24-year-old Haitian musician, he was born Schraider Romalli on September 16, 1996 in Haiti. he is also a kind-hearted soul, who selflessly puts himself out there to support others. His humble beginnings and unpopularity didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams. In his case, the magic formula of patience and devotion is what brought him an increasingly growing fanbase and further inspiration for music. His obstacles were nothing but stepping stones that will always serve as a reminder that you can achieve just about anything if you put your mind to it.

You can listen to the Audio of “24Ba” below :

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