New Free Software Foundation Video Mocks Proprietary Remote-Learning Software

“Computer user freedom is a matter of justice,” argues a new video released Friday by the Free Software Foundation:

The University of Costumed Heroes is an animated video telling the story of a group of heroes falling prey to the powers of proprietary software in education. The university board acquires cutting-edge remote learning software that enables them to continue their operations online, but — [SPOILER ALERT] — it may sow the seeds of their downfall.

This video is the second in a series of animated videos created by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), and this one is themed around our campaign against the use of proprietary remote education software. We must reverse the trend of forsaking young people’s freedom, which has been accelerating as corporations try to capitalize on the need to establish new remote education practices. Free software not only protects the freedoms of your child or grandchild by allowing people to study the source code for any malicious functionalities, it also communicates important values like autonomy, sharing, social responsibility, and collaboration.
“Help give students #UserFreedom,” reads a tagline below the video, which shows what happens when the university forsakes an ethical remote-learning platform that safeguards computer user freedom for a proprietary AI-powered alternative. But don’t worry, the bad guys eventually learn their lesson.

“Noo!! Defeated by the Free Software Foundation once again!”

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