Sean Paul Warns Fans Against Fake Instagram Accounts In His Name

Sean Paul is warning against fake accounts on IG using his name and likeness.

Sean Paul’s superstar status was not enough to deter him from the sticky palms of hackers who were clearly on a mission to get a hold of some of his fame and fortune. According to Dutty Paul, a fake Instagram profile similar to his current one has been started and is being promoted as something of a hybrid account which will only be available to selected persons. “Nutn no go so,” confirmed the “Temperature” singer.

He continued his short video by asking the 1.2 million followers on his legit @duttypaul Instagram page to not pay any attention to the rumors circulating online. SP listed the exact @’SeanPaul1000′ as the precise account spreading the fake narrative.

While the Instagram page @seanpaul1000 can indeed be located online, there is little evidence of fake promotion on the profile’s timeline. There is a possibility that the fake impersonation noticed by Sean Paul and his team took place in the comment section below some IG post.

After issuing the warning to his fan about the fake account, Sean Paul, who seemed to be taking a troll through his front yard, saluted his fans. “Big up uno self and respect due to everybody love,” the deejay said as he sent greetings to his fans right before ending the short clip.

Sadly, this is not the first time that we have heard of entertainers being targeted in such a manner. Two of the latest dancehall acts to have fallen victim to such acts are Skillibeng and D’Angel. Skillibeng and his management team at Claim Records were made to publicly address scammers swindling large sums of cash from persons who were looking to book the artiste for legitimate gigs or dub-plate sessions.

D’Angel saw her recent OnlyFans venture being targeted by unscrupulous forces who illegally shared steamy images and videos reserved specifically for her paying clients. Other prominent figures to have been hit by scammers/hackers include the likes of Chronic Law, Spice, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Konshens, Renee 6:30, and Shauna Chin.

We are happy to see that Sean Paul is putting the word out there so that the unethical and immoral actions against him can cease.

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