Haitian-Cameroonian artist Kadda Sheekoff sings to the love of his life in ‘All My Life’ – GRUNGECAKE

According to the description on SoundCloud, about a year ago, Haitian-Cameroonian singer-songwriter Kadda Sheekoff released a record called ‘All My Life’. Keeping traditional Afro-French rhythms alive within the production, he sings about the love of his life. He is head over heels for her. As he continues to sing in Haitian Creole and English, he assures her that he will take care of her, provide for her, and she is the only one he wants. If I’m honest, Sheekoff is speaking to what most women want. We want to hear that our life partners are going to put in the effort to keep our stress levels low and love us.

He’s so impressed with his princess that he wants to go to Jacmel, Haiti with her to get married and live happily ever after. If you aren’t familiar with Jacmel, the Haitian port collapsed and was forgotten, as everyone focused on Port-au-Prince after the devastating life-altering earthquake in 2010. Sheekoff, if you plan to marry her now, the weather is marvellous in Jacmel right now. It’s 85°F with 7 MPH wind and humidity at 73%. She’d be happiest if she’s a natural girl, who doesn’t have to worry about her perm poofing.

‘My Life’ is an easy-going bilingual love song that you might want to dedicate to the perfect French girl in your life during the quarantine. Don’t hold back! Check it out now below, and get to it. Regardless of what you do with the song after you hear it, it will be hard for you to keep your body from swaying.

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