What’s Next in 5G – In conversation with Akhram Mohamed

Huawei Consumer Business Group Chief Technology Officer Akhram Mohamed is a respected South African technology leader, spearheading the brand’s localization and innovation strategy in the country.

Akhram started his career in telecommunications a decade and a half ago having served in various roles across large telecommunications multinationals.

Mohamed joined Huawei South Africa in December 2014 and has held various roles, including Retail Director and Product and Marketing Director.

In August 2018, Mohamed was promoted to Chief Technology Officer, a position he currently holds. Mohamed is responsible for Huawei’s product innovation strategy and currently leads Huawei’s ecosystem localization efforts.

In this interview, Mohamed discusses the benefit of 5G for consumers and separates the hype and reality around the technology.

He also shares Huawei’s 5G device strategy and speaks about his expectations around the rollout of 5G in South Africa.

The full interview with Akhram Mohamed is embedded below. You can see all What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interviews here.

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