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The Jamaica Observer visited the constituency of St Mary South East where sitting MP Dr Norman Dunn (JLP) is being challenged by . Residents were asked: “Why should your party’s candidate win the upcoming election?” Here is how they responded:

Stephanie Simpson, Epsom:

“Mr Dunn is the best Member of Parliament come in here. Him give us light, road, help the children them to go to school. I am a die-hearted Labourite and mi not changing. From mi born mi never see this road fix and him help my daughter to go Mico University College and pay her tuition fee. He is a good MP and him trying; him come in and a try. When PNP a rule wi nuh get no work, and when food a run under PNP a only PNP get; dem nah give no Labourite. Work under Labourite share — one PNP, one Labourite. When Missa Dunn gi wi road work him always gi one PNP. We want two flagwoman wi use one PNP one Labourite; we want man fi work we use Labourite and PNP. PNP no have no chance in ya again; PNP days done.

Desmond Green, Epsom:

“Dr Dunn is a good MP and him working and alright; him can meet and talk to. I want him to return and I support him wholeheartedly. He is a party man and I stand and listen. He give us light from the main [road] come in to the school. We give thanks and he help the children to go to school, and I appreciate it, and Dr Shane won’t get my support; Dr Shane can’t get it only Dr Dunn.”

Maxine, Epsom:

“Not a lot is done in this community, but in the surrounding community, I am pleased to see what is going on. I wasn’t here for a few months and when I came I saw a part of the road fixed but I was only disappointed because it didn’t come much further, of which I’m hoping to see done one day. Apart from that I will give him a plus. I will support him 100 per cent if he is going back as Member of Parliament. I hope he will do more for the community. I would like to see better water facility as, for the past few weeks, we only get water Saturday night. Internet system, it is poor here, as you can’t go on the Internet and do whatever you have to do. I have grandchildren going to school and they don’t have access to the Internet, and I have friends’ [children], too. The children from Epsom have to go to Annotto Bay to access the Internet. I would love to see more employment for the young people; they could have some training facility to equip them as there is a lot of brilliant children in the community, and they migrate and don’t return when they go to college or university.”

Ainsley Davis, Enfield:

“Presently, we are not getting much attention ’cause see the youth dem pon di corner, nothing nah gwaan fi wi. Everywhere you live you see garbage, everywhere you look a garbage you see; look like a big garbage bin. Not even garbage [receptacle] we have on the roadside to put in the garbage in; nobody not sweeping the road, nothing at all, no infrastructure, the post office lock down how long and the MP not trying to open it back. The old people dem pressure fi get dem pension and thing and the big empty building up deh so; big vacant building. The post office close about three years now so we have to travel to Annotto Bay for mail; $150 go and $150 come back. Not even simple Internet we have, and the phone dem hardly work. Youth dem out a school now and nuff youth [slip] way back because no Internet for online school. I think the MP can link up with the Universal Service Fund for a hot spot for the youths. When the MP dem win they do a lot of work in some places, like Annotto Bay, but not up here, as they don’t have much interest up here. Mi a PNP, but him need fi do him work; him fi draw up him socks and do better.

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