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Haiti – REMINDER : Japan Scholarship, for Haitian teachers



Haiti – REMINDER : Japan Scholarship, for Haitian teachers
28/01/2020 08:00:19

Haiti - REMINDER : Japan Scholarship, for Haitian teachers

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan reminds that it opened in December 2019 a program of scholarship which is addressed to the current Haitian teachers of primary, secondary schools or of formation of teachings, with the aim of doing research on school education in Japan.

Urgent : deadline for submission of applications January 31, 2020

Conditions of Applicants

– Have a university or school training diploma;

– Be a teacher of primary, secondary or teacher training;

– Have at least five (5) years of experience as a teacher as of October 1, 2020;

– Be born after April 2, 1985;

– Be able to leave for Japan in September or October 2020;

– Be of Haitian nationality;

– Have the motivation to learn Japanese and Japanese culture;

– Have a good command of English since the necks will be taught in English.

Please read the necessary information on the MEXT site before applying :

Selection steps :

1. Download and complete the necessary documents in Japanese or English : APPLICATION FORM

IMPORTANT : The Japanese Embassy only accepts documents deposited at the Embassy located Hexagone 2F, Angles Rues Darguin and Clerveaux, Petion ville it does not accept applications by email.

Application deadline January 31, 2020

2. Written exam at the Embassy premises (February 10 to 14, 2020)

3. Interview at the Embassy premises (end of February 2020)

4. Selection at the level of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology

5. Final result (early July to mid-August 2020)

6. Immigration to Japan (from September or October 2020)

The results of file selection will generally be communicated to you by email.

For your questions :


Telephone: 2256-3333 / 5885

SL/ HaitiLibre

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15 Killed in Fire at Haiti Orphanage Run by US Church…… | News & Reporting




A fire swept through a Haitian children’s home run by a Pennsylvania-based Christian nonprofit group, killing 15 children, officials said Friday.

Rose-Marie Louis, a child-care worker at the home, told The Associated Press that the fire began around 9 p.m. Thursday and firefighters took about 90 minutes to arrive. The orphanage had been using candles for light due to problems with its generator and inverter, she said.

About half of those who died were babies or toddlers and the others were roughly 10 or 11 years old, Louis said.

Late Friday afternoon, police raided another home also run by the Church of Bible Understanding and took away several dozen children in a bus over protests from employees.

The fire happened at the group’s orphanage in the Kenscoff area outside Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital.

“It could have been me,” said Renadin Mondeline, a 22-year-old who lived in the home with her son, now 6, for about two years until she started making enough money as a street vendor to start renting her own place to live last year. “These little girls inside were just like my baby.”

Rescue workers arrived at the scene on motorcycles and didn’t have bottled oxygen or the ambulances needed to transport the children to the hospital, said Jean-Francois Robenty, a civil protection official.

“They could have been saved,” he said. ‘‘We didn’t have the equipment to save their lives.’’

The Associated Press has reported on a long-standing series of problems at the two children’s homes run by the Church of Bible Understanding.

“‘We are aware of the fire in the children’s home in Haiti,” said Temi J. Sacks, a spokesman for the group, which is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. “It would be irresponsible for us to comment until after all the facts are in.”

The Church of Bible Understanding lost accreditation for its homes after a series of inspections beginning in November 2012. Haitian inspectors faulted the group for overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, and not having enough adequately trained staff.

Members of the religious group were selling expensive vintage building fixtures like banisters and chandeliers at high-end stores in New York and Los Angeles and using a portion of the profits to fund the homes.

The Associated Press made an unannounced visit to the group’s two homes, holding a total of 120 kids, in 2013 and found bunk beds with faded and worn mattresses crowded into dirty rooms. Sour air wafted through the bathrooms and stairwells. Rooms were dark and spartan, lacking comforts or decoration.

The Church of Bible Understanding operates two homes for nearly 200 children in Haiti as part of a “Christian training program,” according to its most recent nonprofit organization filing. It has operated in the country since 1977. It identifies the homes as orphanages but it is common in Haiti for impoverished parents to place children in residential care centers, where they receive lodging and widely varying education for several years but are not technically orphans.

“We take in children who are in desperate situations,” the organization says in its tax filing for 2017, the most recent year available. “Many of them were very close to death when we took them in.” The nonprofit reported revenue of $6.6 million and expenses of $2.2 million for the year.

Associated Press journalists Evens Sanon reported this story in Port-au-Prince, AP writer Michael Weissenstein reported from Havana and AP writer Ben Fox reported from Washington.

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How a ND couple helps an island community




What began as a soccer academy for kids has grown into a mission to empower an entire community in the island nation of Haiti thanks to the efforts of a couple in North Dakota.

“I grew up in Haiti and in Haiti, there’s a lack of opportunity,” said Ricardo Pierre-Louis/Founder of Lespwa Lavi.

But Ricardo and Nika Pierre-Louis are changing that.

The Bismarck couple founded Lespwa Lavi… it means “Hope for Life”. But before they began bringing hope to Haiti, Ricardo was a boy growing up in Haiti himself. He was a soccer player, which gave him opportunities for scholarships and travel.

“So with that same path, I felt it was very very important to give back and help kids in Haiti. I wanted to provide school tuition for kids in Haiti,” said Pierre-Louis.

After starting the school tuition program, he partnered with a man named Duvelsaint. Together they created a soccer academy… and in 2016, plans were made to create Lespwa Lavi Academy, a bilingual school that will prepare students for university-level education.

And their horizons grew when the community of Verrettes saw another need.

“We had no real intention of starting a church or anything and I think in 2017 the people in Haiti said we have to start a church,” said Nika Pierre-Louis.

Built first from sticks, stones, and mud, the church has grown in membership, from 50 to 250. And now, Ricardo and Nika’s church in Bismarck is getting in on the growth.

“We knew immediately that it matched with our heart because it was not only reaching the orphan, it was not only reaching the poor, it was looking to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Bryce Meyer/Executive Pastor of Campus Ministries at Evangel.

Evangel’s support helped provide a full-time pastor for the Haitian church, along with an opportunity to build a larger, permanent church building. Ricardo and Nika say they’d like to see a “sister city” partnership between Bismarck and Verettes.

“The main goal…the main idea of Lespwa Lavi is to have a sustainable project,” said Ricardo.

It’s a big dream — and it’s coming to life in Haiti.

For more information on Lespwa Lavi go here.


Video Credit: J.Morgan Legreid

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Poor Neighborhoods in Haiti Descend into Anarchy




Venite Bernard’s feet are bloodied because she did not have time to get her shoes when she fled her home with her youngest children.

Bernard and her family lived in the poorest part of Haiti’s capital, where gunmen have been known to shoot people in their homes. Now they live safely inside the town hall of Cite Soleil in Port-au-Prince.

More than 200 other Haitians also are camped out there. They all fled part of what many civic leaders say is Haiti’s worst lawlessness in more than 10 years.

Bandits entered the homes of some people and beat them, and they were shooting,” Bernard said as she cried. “Everyone was running so I left as quickly as I could with the children.”

United Nations peacekeeping troops withdrew from Haiti in 2017 after 15 years. At the time, UN officials said the force had helped to re-establish law and order.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Nearly 60 percent of the population survives on less than $2.40 a day.

But the withdrawal of the UN peacekeepers meant reduced security. Haitian police forces have been moved out of the area to provide security at protests against President Jovenel Moise.

“They have been unable to contain the activity of gangs as they might have wished,” said Serge Therriault, the UN’s police commissioner in Haiti.

A weak economy, rising inflation and a lack of investment in poorer areas has led to an increase in crime. Some neighborhoods have become places where everyone is afraid to go.

Diplomats fear the situation in Haiti represents a growing threat to that part of the Caribbean. They say it could affect migration, drugs and weapons trafficking.

The United States House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on Haiti on Tuesday, its first in 20 years.

Moise’s critics say he has lost control of the country and should resign. The president says the situation is already calming down and he will carry out his full term.

Haitians say gangs fight over neighborhoods where they demand “protection” money and carry out drug and arms sales.

Some politicians are using the gangs to repress or incite protests. They are also providing weapons and assisting the worst of the criminals, according to human rights experts and Haitians.

“When those in power pay them, the bandits stop the population from participating in the anti-government protests,” said William Dorélu, who lives in Cite Soleil. “When they receive money from the opposition, they force people to take to the streets.”

Both opposition leaders and the government deny the accusations.

Impunity Breeds Crime

Moise told the Reuters news agency last month he was trying to strengthen Haiti’s police force. He also said he had reestablished a committee to get gangs to disarm.

The president wrote in a statement to Reuters on Tuesday that accusations of violence will be investigated and brought to justice.

Critics accuse the president and his administration of failing to arrest gang leaders. The criminals feel free to do as they want and the police are too weak to stop them.

“Every time the police stop a gangster, there is always the intervention…to free them,” said Pierre Esperance. He directs Haiti’s National Human Rights Defense Network, RNDDH. The group watches for human rights violations.

Esperance spoke at the U.S. congressional hearing. He said that more than 40 police officers had been killed this year, compared with 17 in 2018.

One year ago, there was a massacre in the neighborhood of La Saline, where anti-Moise feelings are strong, rights activists say.

Over two days, gunmen killed at least 26 people while police failed to stop the violence, said a UN report. Eyewitnesses named in the report say they saw a government official with the gang. It is possible the gangs and government officials are working together, the UN wrote.

The government later dismissed the official, who denied any involvement. Neither he nor anyone else has been arrested or brought to trial over the massacre.

The information about the La Saline massacre “is in the hands of the justice system,” Moise told Reuters.

People living in La Saline say they feel abandoned.

“We never received an official visit after these events,” said Marie Lourdes Corestan. She found her 24-year old son’s body in a pile with other bodies.

There have been six massacres since Moise took office, said the RNDDH, the most recent one last month.

The U.N.’s Therriault said a recent lessening of protests is helping police officers get control of the security situation.

But many, including Bernard, say they are too afraid. She has not been able to find her two oldest sons.

“I hope my boys are not dead,” she said. “I wish for the end of this violence, and that God helps us to find somewhere to live.”

I’m Dorothy Gundy, and I’m Susan Shand.

The Reuters News Agency reported this story. Susan Shand adapted it for Learning English. George Grow was the editor.


Words In This Story

town hall – n. a public building used for government offices and meetings

bandits n. criminals

hemisphere – n. half of an round object, such as a planet

gangn. a group of people working together on unlawful activities

accordingadv. as stated by or in

massacre – n. an event in which a large number of people are killed

abandonv. to give up control of another person or territory

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Haiti – Security : The DG of the PNH takes stock of the situation and calls for calm




Haiti – Security : The DG of the PNH takes stock of the situation and calls for calm
25/02/2020 09:08:15

Haiti - Security : The DG of the PNH takes stock of the situation and calls for calm

On Monday, Rameau Normil, the Director General a.i. of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), accompanied by members of the High Command, met with the media to take stock of the current situation within the police institution.

From the outset, Rameau Normil, considered the police demands just and legitimate while asking them to keep calm and return to their duty station in order to continue to fulfill the mission that has been assigned to the PNH, which is to protect and serve the population as a whole recalling that the police institution was apolitical.

The Director General of the PNH condemned the incidents that occurred at the Champ-de-Mars Sunday, February 23 which have caused loss of life and expressed its sympathies to the families of the victims.

He recalled the provisions adopted by the authorities at the highest level to facilitate the improvement of the living and working conditions of all the police . He also mentioned the creation of a Facilitation and Dialogue Commission, made up of 5 members of the PNH, responsible for meeting all the protagonists of the crisis with the aim of determining reasonable ways and means for a sustainable return. institutional stability and public peace. This Commission has two weeks to submit its report

Members of the Commission :

  • Jean Gardy MUSCADIN (Inspector General)
  • Smith PAYOT (Inspector General)
  • Magalie BELNEAU (Curator)
  • Jean Mary Rosa LEONARD (Agent 4)
  • Michelson FORTUNE (Agent 3)

In addition, in a press note made public the same day, representatives of the unrecognized Syndicate of the National Police of Haiti, asked the police who have been demonstrating for a week now to return to their police station to start negotiations with authorities. On the other hand, these representatives warned any sector which would like to use the police movement to give it an orientation which does not correspond to its demands.

Remember that the police are demanding better working conditions, social benefits, respect for their constitutional right to organize and as a precondition the reinstatement of dismissed members by the PNH high command last week.

See also :

HL/ HaitiLibre

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Haiti – FLASH : Message from the Armed Forces of Haiti (FADH)




Haiti – FLASH : Message from the Armed Forces of Haiti (FADH)
25/02/2020 09:42:16

Haiti - FLASH : Message from the Armed Forces of Haiti (FADH)

In a note, the Armed Forces of Haiti (FAd’H) strongly condemned the attack on Sunday February 23, against its Headquarters, by individuals including some hooded, heavily armed, claiming to be the National Police of Haiti (PNH)

“[…] The assault, which lasted more than 6 hours, left 1 dead and 2 wounded in our ranks.

It would be a shame if real police officers whose mission is to protect and serve go as far as the reproach of attacking the Haitian State’s creator institution for no reason whatsoever.

We bitterly deplore such actions which can only be the work of individuals oriented towards the destruction of the country, and their own.

It remains urgent to take steps to recover these lost sheep, so that Haiti can benefit from the constructive work of all her daughters and sons.

The Armed Forces of Haiti (FAd’H) renew their commitment to fulfill, alongside the National Police of Haiti, the mission assigned to it by the Constitution, in particular with regard to the support to be provided to the Haitian people in the development work in general and in the event of natural or induced disasters in particular.

We take this opportunity to offer our deep condolences to the family of soldaier Dorvil, Jean Baptiste as well as our feelings of solidarity with our wounded : Corporal Lucien Cerdieu and Soldier Audate Castin.”

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HL/ HaitiLibre

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