When South Africans travel overseas, it’s for sporting events says PayPal

South Africans are sports mad, even if the Proteas aren’t giving us much to cheer about at the moment. If you needed any further proof of our country’s love of sports, take a look at the latest report on travel from PayPal.

The payment solutions provider‘s new study shows that 79 percent of South Africans only travel to attend/watch a sporting event, such as the ICC Cricket World Cup currently underway in England and Wales.

World Cups in particular appear to be big draws for South Africans, with PayPal noting that 29 percent of respondents in their survey stating that they travelled overseas for a World Cup. Of those international events, the FIFA World Cup is the most significant, accounting for 54 percent.

“Many South Africans have previously travelled abroad for a sporting event. When asked what event spurred a trip overseas, 7 out of the top 10 responses were sport-related, including events such as the FIFA Soccer World Cup, the Rugby World Cup, the Olympics, English Premier League matches, Wimbledon, or Formula One Racing,” explained PayPal about the study.

Naturally they also tout their own platform as a great solution for those travelling abroad.

“Many consumers associate PayPal with shopping for goods online,” notes Efi Dahan, GM for Russia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa at PayPal.

“PayPal is also an ideal solution for when you are arranging a trip overseas for a sporting event. You can book accommodation, event tickets and even buy merchandise from your favourite team securely with a PayPal account,” he adds.

The GM points this out as many South Africans travelling overseas for sporting events, and pre-ordered items in particular in preparation for their journey. PayPal says 78 percent of travellers would consider pre-ordering from retailers prior to travelling, with 35 percent actually choosing to do so.

As expected the top pre-ordered items are electronics and clothing, accounting for 60 percent and 55 percent respectively.

“As South Africans are preparing to go abroad for these big events, many are now shopping for specific items before they even arrive,” Dahan points out.

“This saves time and helps you budget for your overseas trip. It also means you can show up to the match with your team’s jersey already on,” he concludes.

Now if you excuse us we have a Springbok jersey to purchase ahead of the Rugby World Cup in Japan later this year.

[Image – Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash]

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