Foota Hype And Romeich Beefing? Here Is Why They Fall Out

Foota Hype and Romeich are no longer friends.

Over the past couple of days we’ve seen the veteran sound system selector and the promoter/artist manager traded a war of words on Instagram. Things have now escalated to a point of no return. Romeich has since unfollowed Foota Hype on Instagram before releasing a lengthy statement blasting the disc jockey.

Their beef started when Foota Hype attacked Shenseea for posted two photos of herself and another female in bed. Konshens pushed back against the selector who was also called out by Rvssian and Romeich. Here is what Romeich wrote before deleting it.

“Now people this man a say me a follow him up this man suppose to be a friend some one me rate but since him love do all for media simple me just unfollow u so me can stop watch u things since yah bring feelings and me ago be bigger person and not even argue or throw words cause memba this foota me never beg u nun and you cant say the same youth so humble u self before you crumble me nah nun more a say @footahypemusic u call up shenst a name she nuh ansa u..all other artiste name you a call up ir -:ngs wa don’t concern them just to make them feel uncom tle like is a crime to support my team….from I came in th lustry all my team and I do is promote UNITY .. and it- -^tinue but ill stop if me say no more ago cause issue , )et,ple ago cry especailly you!!!”

Shenseea also left a comment on the post. “Positivity and clean heart along with hardwork… some a them no have that, that’s why them can’t elevate,” she said.

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