eBook: Secure access to your enterprise


Cloud computing has fuelled an intelligence revolution that connects us to our data, devices, and each other like never before. We access work applications from the coffee shop and social media at the office, often using the very same device.

The blurring of lines between work and personal has made life more convenient, but it has also reduced privacy and created new security risks. Each of our digital touchpoints, whether it’s a personal account or a business tool introduced through a company’s digital transformation initiative, requires a unique sign-in. The result: users need to remember a lot of passwords, and smart hackers know how to exploit this as a new vulnerability.

As a mobile workforce accesses sensitive corporate data through mobile devices and cloud apps, the opportunities for bad actors to use compromised identities to do real damage to your business have exploded. Protecting the enterprise requires that you shift your focus from guarding traditional security perimeters to protecting identities. It requires a layered approach that starts with a great user authentication experience with automatic, policy-based rules for accessing sensitive information, regardless of location or device type.

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