Schneider Electric notes the importance of a UPS in schools

South Africa has been challenged with loadshedding over the past couple of years, which has affected different aspects of the country since electricity is needed to in various aspects of life, including education.

With that said, schools have also started to incorporate technology in their lesson plans, by bringing in laptops and tablets into the classroom to access online resources and teachers have come to rely on these resources as much as textbook.

Schneider Electric looks at ways in which they can power up classrooms, even when there is loadshedding with uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

A UPS provides backup power that enables devices to stay connected even during power disturbances or outages and also provide clean power which takes care of any power surges and jitter that can damage sensitive IT equipment.

“IT equipment is a very valuable asset, and by valuable I’m referring to not just how much it costs, although that is certainly significant, but also how important it is to the teaching and learning that goes on in schools every day, said vice president of Schneider Electric, Riaan de Leeuw.

“If you spend tens or hundreds of thousands of rands on IT gear that is crucial to the educational experience, it makes sense to spend a little more on some proper racks, power and cooling products,” he adds.

Schneider Electric adds that schools should have at least one IT rack to properly house the routers, switches, storage units, servers and other IT gear. Noting that stacking such equipment on shelves in a storage closet is risky because it doesn’t offer the ventilation the equipment needs nor the physical security it requires.

“Schneider Electric offer a number of solutions to drive the 21st century classroom. And by budgeting a bit more for power protection, racks or enclosures, schools are in better position to ensure their classroom remain online, even in the face of power disruptions,” explains de Leeuw.

In situations where space is at a premium, and there is no room for a proper server room or wiring closet, a purpose-built enclosure makes sense with APC by Schneider Electric, which is global specialists in energy management and automation, notes the company.

APC offers enclosures that are made to be installed in non dedicated spaces, such as a classroom or administrative offices.

“These solutions enable schools to house everything they need in an attractive enclosure that looks like another piece of furniture. But they are lockable, providing the security that IT gear requires, virtually soundproof, come in various sizes and include fans for self-ventilation,” concludes de Leeuw.

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