Meek Mill’s Girlfriend Milano Ditched Lace Front Wigs After His Protest On Twitter

Meek Mill’s rumored girlfriend Milano says she is taking a break from wearing lace front wigs after his tweet.

It seems like Meek Mill is booed up for the summer and his rumored girlfriend name is Milano Di Rouge. Earlier this month, the Philly rapper and his boo were spotted cozying up in the back of his Rolls-Royce. In January of this year, Meek sent out a tweet bashing women wearing wigs that stirred up some controversies on social media. The vast majority of his female fans were angry about his post saying that men shouldn’t be telling them what to or what not to wear.

Milano posted a photo of herself showing off her edges growing back as she takes a break from wearing wigs. “I’m loving this natural look,” she wrote. “My edges growing back in after those frontal ripped them out.”

One of her followings dropped a comment that reads, “Besides Meek said no lace fronts ever he is not a frontal fan. We love the natural look too.” Milano responded, saying, “I like lace fronts even if he don’t. I’ll still wear wigs. I just need to give it a break.”

By no means is Milano confirming that she is in a relationship with Meek Mill and neither did her ever claim her, but the two have been quite close for the past couple of weeks. Perhaps she has decided to channel her natural beauty because that’s what Meek likes, or maybe these comments are all just for fun.

Meek Mill previously dated Nicki Minaj for a year before the two called it quits. The Philly rapper wrote on Twitter recently that he is looking for a wife.

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