European Vote Reveals an Ever More Divided France

In a series of books, Mr. Guilluy developed the idea of a “peripheral France,” foreshadowing the Yellow Vest revolt.

“They should be worried,” Mr. Guilluy said of Mr. Macron’s supporters. “The big cities, the metropolises, they are transforming themselves into citadels, surrounded by the working classes. This is big, and we saw it in the Yellow Vest movement.”

Mr. Cautrès said that the reaction of the president’s entourage “is as if the crisis is behind us.’’

“But it’s still there, and it nourished the vote of the National Rally,” he said. “One part of French anger was expressed Sunday.”

Mr. Macron remains determined to pursue tighter European integration. He has already begun a series of meetings with the continent’s leaders, playing host to the Spanish President, Pedro Sanchez, on Monday.

In Brussels, Mr. Macron, with perhaps a number of deputies equal to that of the former National Front, in the low 20s, could achieve a position of relative solidity, after aligning with like-minded parties.

“Macron will have the possibility of making a lot of alliances, according to the issue, with a lot of social democrats who follow his line,” said Zaki Laïdi, a professor at Sciences Po, an elite public university. “The Spanish socialists are very close to Macron, and the Portuguese socialists are, too.”

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