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LIAT Loses Appeal and Must Pay Dismissed Employee More Than US$1.5 Million



CHARLOTTE AMALIE, United States Virgin Islands, Wednesday May 22,
– Regional airline LIAT has failed in its efforts to avoid paying
more than US$1 million to a former employee in the United States Virgin Islands
(USVI) who was forced out of the company, after almost five decades of
employment, because of his age.

Antigua-based company had appealed a decision by a jury in February to award
William Cherubin US$1,551,320 in damages. But Justice Douglas Brady of the USVI
Superior Court has dismissed the appeal and ordered the airline to pay the

Cherubin took
the cash-strapped airline to court claiming he had been fired because of his
age – contrary to LIAT’s claim that it was because of poor performance –, which
was in contravention of the Virgin Islands Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination
of employees on the basis of age.  

He was 71
years old when he was dismissed on June 4, 2015, without notice, with the
company accusing him of violating company policy on three occasions. During his
47 years at the company, Cherubin had risen from a job as a ticket agent to
manager of ground operations.

Justice Brady
said in his ruling that “the totality of the trial evidence was sufficient to
permit a jury to inference that LIAT’s proffered reasons [for Cherubin’s
dismissal] were false”.

“Evidence of
Cherubin’s emotional pain and suffering following his termination was
sufficient that the Court cannot find that the jury’s verdict was seriously
erroneous as against the clear weight of the evidence,” he said.

the Court will not interfere with the jury’s award and LIAT’s motion for a new
trial will be denied.”

During the
trial, it had been disclosed that four years before Cherubin was fired, LIAT offered
employees over the age of 62, including Cherubin, a retirement package in
exchange for their voluntary resignations.

Cherubin’s supervisors had urged him to take the offer, telling him he was over the typical retirement age. But he decided to continue working.

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Alkaline Squash Chronic Law Beef All The Diss Songs




squash alkaline diss tracks

The two Jamaican dancehall artists released a crazy amount of back and forth diss tracks aimed at each others and clashing back and forth for the last few weeks. As always in this type of lyrical clashes fans are picking their side. Adding fire. Some fans online even took the beef too personal posting all sort of things online and threats.

In the beef between Alkaline and Squash were also involved more artist like Chronic Law from the 6IX, Jahvillani from Wileside and Gage. Jahmiel himself got involved, with a new song called ‘Murderous’ where he go in for a full frontal attack to Chronic Law.

Jahmiel goes in it making Chronic Law his target and throwing a line regarding incarcerated World Boss Vybz Kartel when he deejays “them teacha shouldn’t left the students.” That line did not got unheard and Vybz Kartel mede it known where he stands posting on his IG 

“#6IX out ere a weh dem feel like? @squash6iixboss @1law_chroniclaw357 a one link!” as a caption of a Chronic Law & Squash cartoon portrait. 6ix-Chronic-Law-Squash-Vybz-Kartel

But this is just the last chapter, if you lost the beginning you need to rewind.

[This is a long post full of clips, be patient and let it load so you can enjoy it to the fullest]

Listen To Jahmiel ‘Murderous’[Chronic Law Diss]

The beef started when Alkaline,that has been gone from the scenes for a while, dropped his new track ‘Depend Pan Nobody’ which contained strong diss to the all 6IX posse members, with lines where he suggests since they cannot run the place they should run to a CrossFit, a clear reference to the two 6IX body sizes, with Alkaline suggesting them to hit the gym.

Listen To Alkaline ‘Depend Pon Nobody’ [Squash Diss]

Squash reply came in on The Super Hero Riddim from Kwaswana Records where he voiced “Bull Dog”, going on with more diss to Alkaline via ‘Slow Poison‘ the single voiced over Top Braff riddim, click here to play the whole Top Braff Riddim.

Squash ‘Bull Dog’ (Official Audio) [Alkaline Diss]

Alkaline fired back with the Tru Ambassador produced track “State Of Emergency’, a war anthem aimed to destroy the 6IX bosses.

Listen To Alkaline ‘State A Emergency’ [Squash & Chronic Law Diss]

Squash was not impressed and came out with a new war banger titled ‘Pinocchio’ where he refers to the real State Of Emergency that is going on in Jamaica, in Squash own yard and called Alka an informer, clashing the Vendetta’s deejay with his own title theme and with references to the fact that Alkaline has no kids yet, via the the lyrics “man dead already an no get no yute.”

Well to all that Alkaline replied posting a short clip of a printed t-shirt that had print on it the name Squash on it being put to fire. Sending a clear message at this point that this lyrical clash could turn into a physical one with childish exchange via social media of shirts getting burned and fans of both faction insulting each others but so far not yet a Pinocchio’s counteraction from Alkaline.

Many fans commeted over social medias that the power and the insight information in Pinocchio created a real State of Emergency in Alka’s career. The emergency of dissing back with a song twice as powerful or be defeated. To all that add that Chronic Law would not just sit and look at Squash being dissed, so he weight in the war with the song ‘One Talk’. Listen to both below.

Listen To Squash ‘Pinocchio’ [Alkaline Diss]

Listen To Squash ‘Funeral Program’ [Alkaline Diss]

The dancehall community has been anxiously awaiting a response from Alkaline, to Squash, the leader of the 6IX’s because Squash has continued to take hits at Alkaline after releasing his own diss track, “Pinocchio” as a counteraction to Alkaline’s “State Of Emergency” He has been posting videos ridiculing the artist and has even threatened to physically assault him. He also recently posted a video of Popcaan dissing Alkaline. after which everybody began to think that Squash had won the war and Alka had gone iagain.

A couple of weeks went by and fans of both sides kept wondering what happened to the Vendetta’s deejay, and his Pinocchio counter action, until finally Alkaline declares Squash’s death in new diss track “Death Announcement.” Fact is that many of his own fans commented  that the single’s  cover, which depicts a funeral with Squash and his decease brother on it, is actually harder than the song.

In what is been the hardest dancehall beef of the season,  taking it  away all the attention from the I-Octane & Konshens outgoing feud, Squash came back with “Funeral Program’ ,listen below.  The clash is still getting heated and affecting the whole dancehall community with parties being shutting down early all over the island and cops involvement.

Squash ‘Funeral Program’ (Official Audio) [Alkaline Diss]

Listen To Alkaline ‘Death Announcement’ [Squash Diss]

If at this point you think the war was over you are wrong. The beef went on and on with Alkaline clapping back to Squash with a new diss song titled “Most Wanted’ and so now it was up to Squash to come back with some fresh bars.

Listen To Alkaline ‘Most Wanted’ [Squash Diss]

It seems war was in a truce or over, until Squash come right back with the murderous ’One Shot’ a song where he also aims at Gully God Mavado deejaying One thief style and one thief name (the watch name Mavado)

Squash ‘One Shot’ [Alkaline Mavado Diss] So far the last chapter of this war was written by Cornic Law and his gritty newest track ‘Mass Murder’. Listen below. The feud is still ongoing. 

Listen To Chronic Law  ’Mass Murder’ (Official Audio)

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DJ Kayla G ‘The Female Force’ Interview




dj kayla G interview 2019

Dj Kayla G is on fire right now! The young lioness that released the popular mix Megan Thee Stallion Spice Vyzb Kartel G, and many more before that,  keeps the fire blazing with her smart mixes.

Kayla’s ‘Hot Girl Way’ remix with Dj Chemics, still available here, went popular in no time, getting thousands of replays and downloads and she is already back with a new super lit remix featuring Popcaan, scroll below. to listen.

MissGaza had the pleasure to interview Kayla G so all of you get to know better this new young female DJ Trendsetter. Read the full interview below.

dj kayla G the female force


Kayla G thank you for finding the time for us! At which age you started deejay and if you can talk a bit about your background?

I began DJing at about 14 years old. I started off posting new dancehall music on sites like IMEEM, Youtube etc. I was so immersed in the culture and was helping DJs get new music; so I decided to take the new music resources I had and began playing music. I taught myself the art while studying those around me. I have won 3 DJ competitions. My first was at 16 years old under Tiger Records JA which was a best mix contest. | 

Can You tell us about your first big project or remix? How it all begun?

Dj Kayla G interview missgaza 2019My first remix project was in 2009; a Bounty Killer and Mary J Blige remix. I was just listening to a song and started singing a dancehall song over it and said why not try to but these two together. It was not big nor the best but my crew thought I had potential and got me on board. My second remix project came out in 2010 which was way better. This was a remix with Rihanna and Busy Signal – S&M remix; Probably one of my best work and continued to grow from there. My favorite would be Konshens – Im coming (Brooklyn Edition). 

What inspires you to do these smart & unique remixes? How long it takes a day or a week for a remix like the Megan Thee Stallion?

It takes any where from 2 hours to 2 days to create a remix. I usually have a vision and keep perfecting the remix until I am satisfied with the outcome. For example, with the Megan thee Stallion project, I sat with the instrumental and Vybz Kartel & Spice came into my head; and it worked! After putting it all together, I add ad libs, effects and master to bring it to life. This remix took me and my about 5-6 hours to complete.

How many mixtapes you worked on?

I have worked on over 30 mixtapes and too many to count remixes. I even have remixes that have not been released.

Can you talk about your technical gear? What do you use to compose?

I use a Pioneer DDJ-SZ when I am mobile. I also have a studio set up that includes 2 Pioneer PLX 1000 turntables and a Pioneer DJM-S9. They all run with Serato.

Can you talk to us about Fyah Squad Sound?

Fyah Squad Sound has been around for over 20 years, including greats like Bobby Fyah. It began in Brooklyn, NY and is now based in Florida. I have been working with the sound since about 2014 and became with them official in 2018. They have always been my family in music so it happened naturally.

KOFFEE x BEYONCE – Toast, Before I Let Go (DJ KAYLA G REMIX) [Short Version] – FYAH SQUAD Sound

Where can we hear you play live?

You can hear me play live at no one specific location. People can lock into my instagram for more information.

Can you name your Top 5 favorite dancehall artists?

Favorite dancehall artists (no order): Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Busy Signal, Popcaan, Khxos

Can you name your Top 5 favorite hip hop artists?

Favorite Hip-Hop (no order): Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West (back from 2004),Biggie, Tupac

Do you spin everyday how many hours a day?

I spin at least twice a week; more when I had free time.

Did you ever produced?

I have not produced as yet; but this is something I see on my music path. I will say very soon.

Big Up to Fyah Squad, Riddimstream, DJ Chemics, DJ Ashani, Dancehallworld, Johnny Wonder – 21st & everyone that has been supporting. Check out more work on:


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Hurricane Humberto Getting Stronger as it Nears Bermuda




HAMILTON, Bermuda, Wednesday September 18,
– Hurricane force winds are expected
to reach Bermuda this evening, as a larger and stronger Humberto moves
closer to the island.

The impending hurricane, at Category 3
strength with maximum sustained winds now near 120 miles per hour, has forced
the closure of government offices and schools and cancellation of evening
flights at the airport.

In its 11 a.m. advisory, the National
Hurricane Centre (NHC) said Hurricane Humberto was located 195 miles west of
the island, and was moving towards the east northeast at 16 miles per hour.

It is expected to remain a major
hurricane through early tomorrow. And the core of Jerry is expected to pass
just to the northwest and north of the island tonight. The Bermuda Weather
Service has forecast that its closest point to the island will be 101 miles to
the northwest at 8 p.m.

“Some fluctuations in intensity are likely during
the next day or so, but Humberto should remain a powerful hurricane through
early Thursday while it passes close to Bermuda.  A steady weakening trend should begin later
on Thursday,” the NHC said.

Humberto is a large hurricane and continues to grow
in size. Hurricane-force winds now extend outward up to 105 miles from the centre
and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 195 miles based on reports
from a Hurricane Hunter aircraft.

The NHC said a prolonged period of dangerous winds
is expected on Bermuda from late this afternoon through tomorrow morning, with
hurricane-force winds expected overnight tonight.

It added that storm surge and dangerous breaking waves could cause coastal flooding tonight and tomorrow along the southern coast of Bermuda.

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