Microsoft Wants To Apply AI ‘To the Entire Application Developer Lifecycle’

An anonymous reader writes: At its Build 2018 developer conference a year ago, Microsoft previewed Visual Studio IntelliCode, which uses AI to offer intelligent suggestions that improve code quality and productivity. In April, Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac. At that point, IntelliCode was still an optional extension that Microsoft was openly offering as a preview. But at Build 2019 earlier this month, Microsoft shared that IntelliCode’s capabilities are now generally available for C# and XAML in Visual Studio 2019 and for Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python in Visual Studio Code. Microsoft also now includes IntelliCode by default in Visual Studio 2019. IntelliCode has come a long way since May 2018, but Microsoft is only getting started. When it comes to using AI to aid developers, the company wants to help at every step of the way, according to Amanda Silver, a director of Microsoft’s developer division.

“If you look at the entire application developer lifecycle, from code review to testing to continuous integration, and so on, there are opportunities at every single stage for machine learning to help,” Silver told VentureBeat. “IntelliCode is, very broadly, the notion that we want to take artificial intelligence — and really machine learning techniques — and allow that to make developers and development teams more productive. “IntelliCode is really only at the early stages — authoring and helping to focus code reviews. But over time, we really think that we can apply it to the entire application developer lifecycle.”

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