Uganda: Janet Orders Closure of Teacher Colleges With Low Enrolment

Kampala — The Minister of Education and Sports, Ms Janet Museveni, has ordered the closure of teacher training colleges whose enrolment is less than 100 students.

Her decision was informed by the poor performance of some primary teacher training colleges exhibited in last year’s examinations, where majority of the poor performing institutions were from the private sector.

“I have been informed that there are private institutions operating illegally yet they do not meet the training standards and register their students to sit examinations in other accredited institutions.

This practice must stop. Teachers must be taught where the environment models them to be caring role models and the training environment must not be compromised. Unlicensed teacher training institutions must not be allowed to operate,” Ms Museveni, said yesterday as she released results of the 2018 examinations for Grade III teachers’ certificate in Primary Teacher Education (PTE).

Ms Anne Begumisa, Kyambogo University academic registrar, revealed that the worst performing primary teachers’ colleges were Magherita, Kampala University, Buloba and Walugogo while Rukungiri PTC was the best followed by Canon Apolo.

“The worst performing colleges are privately owned with challenges in staffing, resources and management,” Ms Begumisa said.

This set of examinations saw a decline in enrolment from 15, 944 students, who registered in 2017 to 11,164 last year, and out of 58 centres, 12 are privately owned. The decline was attributed to the revised entry requirements two years ago from six passes to at least six credits.

However, Ms Begumisa said the overall results showed improved performance from the previous 61.93 per cent to 65.42 per cent in 2018.

She added that the overall percentage pass in all the subjects was at 85 per cent except in Mathematics, where students passed at 72.27per cent. A total of 3,316 students were encouraged to repeat the examinations while another 544 students were ungraded.

Ms Museveni asked the trainers to be mindful of the quality of teachers they graduate because they are a reflection of the country’s image.

Mr Wilson Kasimagwa from Shimoni PTC and Mr Fred Kachope from Canon Apolo were named best students.

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