Alexis Skyy Threatens Fetty Wap On The Gram For Borrowing Her Car & Not Return It

Alexis Skyy wants Fetty Wap to return her car ASAP.

At least she is not going off on an Instagram rant for child support. On Wednesday, the Love and Hip Hop star posted a lengthy message on the IG Story demanding that her baby daddy return her car that he borrowed. Alexis Skyy also posted a screenshot of a text message conversation she had with Fetty Wap over said car where he told her that another man has the whip so she should contact him.

“Yo Fetty Wap stop f***ing playing with me,” she wrote. “You have your bum azz friends riding around in my sh*t all through Paterson I been asking for my car for a week now.. tell your runners to run my car back or it’s a problem.”

She has since deleted the messages but not before fans grabbed a screenshot of it and distributed it all over social media.

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