We’re finally getting a new Metal Slug game that isn’t a mobile title

Rawket lawnchair enthusiasts rejoice as Metal Slug will be coming to consoles with a new title in the future.

This comes from Gematsu reporting on an interview with SNK Corporation chairman Ge Zhihui.

While such a small announcement with no other details is usually not newsworthy, we stand by the opinion that Metal Slug is one of the finest arcade series of all time with many of the them having stood the test of time thanks to their tight controls and superb combination of art style and sound.

Unfortunately the series has been in a rut in recent years. Aside from some of the older titles coming to Steam and consoles, there’s been a few mobile games like Metal Slug Attack which are generic app strategy games with the IP plastered over it.

We’re obviously hoping that this new game will be closer to the arcade classics which cemented this game in the industry and stole so much of our money as we poured coins into cabinets.

If your local arcade has closed down but you still want to play the titles, it’s very easy to find legal ways to play most of the old games. Our preferred way of doing so is through Steam but, unfortunately. the quality of the ports is very much hit or miss.

The first game, for example, works great, but Metal Slug XX is plagued with problems and should be avoided.

If you’ve not touched the series for years just keep in mind the fact that these games are much, much shorter than you may remember. With infinite lives you can blow through each title in around an hour.

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