Nintendo Labo VR Kit out now in South Africa

The latest Nintendo Labo effort is its VR Kit which uses a cardboard headset and a variety of smaller builds to bring more than sixty games to the system in a new dimension.

The kit has officially released to the public overseas where it is getting generally positive reviews despite the inherent problems with the Switch and its limited hardware.

For those of us in South Africa the VR Kit can be bought right now, but where you buy it from is important here.

That’s because our usual online store of choice, Raru, has the main kit available for purchase but you will need to wait between five and seven working days for it to be processed, and this is true for Takealot too.

The Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone, however, is selling it online and in-store right now. The latter is probably your only option if you want to play this weekend.

Other retailers such as BT Games, might not have the kit just yet. For this reason we recommend phoning the store you like to buy your games from to see if it has stock before driving to the store

The prices of the VR kit variants are available below.

Pop Up Zone online store



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