LinkedIn adds Facebook-style ‘like’ function and 4 other ‘reactions’

Business site LinkedIn has taken the route of Facebook by introducing ‘reactions’ – five new ways for users to express their emotions over content in their feed.

“One of the things we regularly hear from all of you is that you want more expressive ways than a ‘Like’ to respond to the variety posts you see in your feed. At the same time, you’ve also told us that when you post on LinkedIn, you want more ways to feel heard and understand why someone liked what you said,” the group said in a blog post.

“That’s why today we’re starting to roll out a set of Reactions on LinkedIn, giving you more ways to quickly and constructively communicate with one another.”

“You can use Celebrate to praise an accomplishment or milestone like landing a new job or speaking at an event, or Love to express deep resonance and support, like a conversation about work life balance or the impact of mentorship. Insightful can help you recognise a great point or interesting idea, while Curious lets you show your desire to learn more or react to a thought-provoking topic.

“As a poster, these new reactions can help you better understand the impact your posts are having,” LinkedIn said.

The group said it analysed the top 1-2 word comments being used and what types of posts people are sharing most. “We also conducted global research with LinkedIn members to get feedback on the specific reactions to ensure they were universally understood and helpful.”

Reactions have begun to roll out, it said, and will be available globally to all members in the coming months in the LinkedIn mobile app and on the web.

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