eBook: A VAR’s guide to recurring revenue

A VAR's guide to recurring revenue.


A VAR’s guide to recurring revenue.

Relying on big, upfront sales to keep your cash flow running every month isn’t just stressful, it’s risky. There is an easier way to meet your business goals, whether you’re focused on increasing business growth or profit.

How? Recurring revenue. We know you don’t want to lose the large deals that have built the foundation of your growth up to this point. And you may not be ready to make the move to managed services. Recurring revenue doesn’t mean changing everything. Instead, it’s the key to a strong financial future for your business, creating a steady stream of revenue that helps your business establish stronger profits right now, and making your business more attractive when it comes to acquisitions.

The maths is simple. Monthly recurring revenue adds up to benefits for you and your customers. In fact, according to CRN, recurring revenue represented 32% of total revenue in the third quarter of 2018. That’s a pretty big chunk of opportunity out there, waiting for you to capitalise on it. Now it’s up to you to jump on this opportunity and let it propel you further, faster. The eBook will show you how it’s done.

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