‘I Love You So Much’: Woman Sees Ben Stiller on NYC Subway, Freaks Out

A subway passenger couldn’t contain her excitement when she realized she was riding the train with Ben Stiller.

An Instagram video posted by SubwayCreatures captured the moment the woman realizes she’s in the presence of the actor and comedian.

“Oh my God!” she exclaims as she grabs Stiller’s hand and rises from her seat. 

The woman then briefly moves away from Stiller and does a celebratory dance as she tries to fix her hair before the two snap a photo together.

“No mentira, tu me haces reír mucho!” she says in Spanish. (“No kidding, you make me laugh so much!”)

“I love you so much,” she adds.

A sunglasses-clad Stiller chuckles throughout the video, taking selfies with two other passengers before the woman gets a chance to pose with the actor herself.

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