Cord-Cutting Hits Video Games – Slashdot

Video games are the next entertainment industry undergoing a major disruption, all the way down to the consoles and controllers. From a report: Details: “In the past, you plunked down $60 at GameStop for a copy of Grand Theft Auto or Madden NFL and played it out — after which you could trade it in or let it gather dust,” the AP reports. “Now, you’ll increasingly have the choice of subscribing to games, playing for free or possibly just streaming them over the internet to your phone or TV.”

New subscription streaming services represent a massive shift from gaming into the cloud, which will make it easier to access games on any device, including mobile. […] Gamers wouldn’t necessarily have to buy individual games anymore — they could buy them as part of a larger and potentially cheaper package — and it means that they wouldn’t be limited to expensive hardware devices that only work for certain games.

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