Facebook Exposed Data Again, but This Viral Cat Can Save Lives

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Facebook exposed your personal information … again

Researchers discovered hundreds of millions of Facebook users’ data was left unprotected once again, this time on Amazon’s servers. The information exposed was stuff like names, passwords, comments, interests, and likes. The tl;dr: Facebook doesn’t seem to have much control over what third parties do with your data, basically ever, so you might want to lock down those privacy settings.

President Trump’s Winter White House is a security nightmare

President Trump has hosted everyone from foreign dignitaries to sitting members of Congress at his home away from home—Mar-a-Lago. But after a woman was arrested for sneaking in this week, it raised the question: How safe is this place where Donald Trump conducts major presidential business? According to a former NSA hacker, it’s “an attacker’s dream and a physical security nightmare.” So, that’s great.

A viral internet cat is helping save other cats

Lil Bub rose to internet fame because of her unique looks, but as scientists recently discovered her unique DNA may be what helps save fellow felines from disease—even if they don’t have millions of instagram followers. The scan uncovered two genetic abnormalities—the very abnormalities that rose her to viral fame—that may not only help her owner take care of her as she ages, but could one day aid in the treatment and prevention of genetic disease both in cats and in humans.

Cocktail Conversation

The fact that rabbits are adorable and snuggly is something everyone can agree on. Right? Right? Apparently not in Hollywood. From US to Saturday Night Live (and even back in the day, Monty Python), the true villainy of rabbits have been on full display in popular culture. So, which one are they?

WIRED Recommends: iPads

If you were considering picking up an iPad, now is the time as three of our favorites are on a rare sale today.

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