Three training courses on offer at ITWeb Security Summit 2019

Today’s cyber security landscape is a complex one, brimming with increasingly sophisticated and targeted threats, as well as adversaries who are more cunning and determined than ever. No business is safe, and it’s the common maxim that when it comes to security, it’s no longer a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

“South African businesses need to be aware of the risks to their businesses that could seriously impact on their operations, reputation and bottom line. With this in mind, ITWeb is offering some expert training, during its Security Summit 2019 event,” says Angela Mace, CRM and events director at ITWeb.

The first course, ‘Ethical Hacking 101’, will be facilitated by Ayaz Saiyed, intermediate analyst at Telspace Systems. “This course, while remaining ethical in its approach, will ensure attendees understand and are able to get from the perimeter right into the heart of networks and systems.”

The next course, ‘Incident Response’, will provide delegates with the opportunity to experience and handle a wide range of cyber attacks, while equipping them with the ability to sharpen their skills in detecting, investigating, mitigating and recovering from cyber events. It will be facilitated by Wolfpack Information Risk.

The final course: ‘Cyber Risk Assessment and Quantification’, will be facilitated by Johan Botha, chair of the South Africa Chapter, FAIR Institute. “This course will familiarise attendees with all the information they need to know in order to understand, analyse, measure and quantify cyber and information risk.”

According to Mace, the courses are suitable for all skill levels, from those with rudimentary security knowledge, to individuals with more advanced skills. “All attendees will leave with an in-depth understanding into the topics covered, and will be in a far better position to help their organisations navigate the murky waters of today’s threat environments.”

“Organisations across the board can benefit from the training, and everyone with an interest in boosting their cyber security skills should attend. After all, tools, processes and solutions can only take a business so far; training is an essential link in the cyber security chain,” Mace concludes.

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