HMD admits Nokia 7 Plus was sending data to China

With America so apprehensive to let Huawei into the country given fears of Chinese spying it appears as if another firm has inadvertently shared data with China.

That firm is HMD Global which manufactures and distributes Nokia Mobile handsets these days.

During an investigation Norwegian website NRKbeta discovered that data from Nokia 7 Plus handsets were allegedly being sent to China. The data in question includes IMEI, MAC ID and SIM ICCID identifiers sent from Nokia 7 Plus smartphones.

Ars Technica reports that apparently, this data was sent every time the device was switched on. The data was reportedly sent to a server owned by China Telecom.

HMD has responded to the allegations and admitted that some Nokia 7 Plus handsets were indeed sending data to China.

“We have analysed the case at hand and have found that our device activation client meant for our China variant was mistakenly included in the software package of a single batch of Nokia 7 Plus phones. Due to this mistake, these devices were erroneously trying to send device activation data to a third party server,” reads a statement on the Nokia website.

The firm goes on to say that the data was “never processed, and no person could have been identified based on this data”.

The issue has already been fixed according to Nokia. To find out if your handset has this fix head to Settings, tap System and then About Phone. Scroll down to Build Number and if you see 00WW_3_39B_SP03 or 00WW_3_22C_SP05 as the Build Number you have the latest update. If you don’t see either of those number you’ll need to perform a system update.

Nokia and HMD have also created an infographic which explains what data HMD Global is collecting and where that data is stored.

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