Dressed for sex

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Now, my Honey Love

We will return unto thy father’s house….

With silken coats and caps and golden rings,

With ruffs and cuffs and fardingales and things.

— Shakespeare, The Taming of The Shrew, IV, 3


Can you just picture his Honey Love, all decked out in that fancy raiment, complete with silken coat, ruffs and cuffs and golden rings, fardingales and things? What a sight to behold. But she would be quite at home in this modern era, for the clothes that are worn nowadays often boggle the mind and defy all logic. No wonder the cry often is, “Call the fashion police.”

But at least she wasn’t dressed for sex, as so many people do nowadays. Oh yes, people do dress for sex and no one can tell me differently. There are terms such as ‘sexy lingerie’, ‘close-fitting, sheer sexy dress’, ‘short sexy miniskirt’, ‘sexy, hip-hugging tight jeans’, ‘low-cut revealing blouse’, and the most sexy of all, ‘CFM shoes’.

Yes, some women’s shoes are so sexy that they’re named CFM shoes. And what does CFM stand for? Well, I can’t say the real term here as it may not be deemed fit for airplay, but loosely translated, it says, come fornicate me.

You see how sensual, sexual, sensuous a pair of women’s shoes can be that they actually invite men to come and do sexual acts to them? No wonder people often say, “What a pair of shoes look sexy.”

A woman who has nice neat feet, slender ankles, great calves, and long shapely legs can have more than an alluring effect on men. That’s why models always strut around in sexy, high heel shoes. If not, they walk on tiptoe to give the same effect.

But make sure that you have slim sexy feet and not thick trunk-like ugly hooves, or the shoes won’t have the right CFM effect. Instead it may be CFFM, come flee from me.

We’ll see what other clothes turn people on as we explore ‘Dressed for sex’, right after these responses to ‘Abused and abusers’.


Hi Tony,

Both the abuser and abused are people with self-esteem issues which, of course, is a mental situation. Physicality is not even a factor, as some small men abuse large women and get away with it. Too often these abusive situations grow into full-blown domestic violence where women and children are beaten, and too often sometimes lead to the murder of the abused. The abusers claim that they were forced to do the dastardly deed because the abused decided to defend themselves or the abuser lost control.



Hey Teerob,

Sadly in the situation of domestic abuse, both the abused and the abuser are victims. The only difference is one bears the scars and the bruises on the outside, while the other bears them on the inside. Both are in pain, both feel trapped, both deserve sympathy and treatment. So often it’s like a symbiotic relationship, with both of them feeding off each other’s pain. The abused unwilling to leave and the abuser not wanting the abused to depart. Often it ends in the tragedy of murder/suicide.



Every woman is advised to have in her closet a sexy little black dress. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it sure has to be sexy. But what makes a dress sexy? Well, it has to cling to the woman’s body, showing off her contours, and slinky enough to move when she moves, leaving very little to the imagination.

Then there are the hip-hugging, clinging white jeans that are so tight they show every contour of the gluteus maximus to the max, and all that comes with it. Those jeans are so tight that a gynaecologist need not have the woman take them off before he examines her. “Oh, don’t bother to take off your jeans ma’am, I can see just fine from here.”

They say that clothes maketh the man, but some clothes also maketh the man go crazy when women wear them. And women know this. Why do you think women who wish to be seductive and alluring wear certain types of clothes? To look sexy, of course; dressed for sex.

When a woman leaves her house most scantily clad in a pair of shorts so tight you can see hills and valleys in-between, what do you think her intentions are, if not to attract attention?!

She knows that men will look at her with lust in their loins, pressure in their pants, eagerness in their eyes, and growth in their gonads. She’s aware that as she walks down the street or enters the room of that party with gay abandon, she’s hot, and knows it.

She’s dressed for sex but won’t ever admit, it and simply say that she’s just dressing to please herself. But we know that’s not true. Her motto is, “If you got it, flaunt it.” And that they do, right in your face.

When you see people decked out in their impy skimpy carnival costumes that leave nothing to the imagination, what do you think their intentions are, but to exude sexuality? If not, they would wear smocks or habits to jump J’Ouvert.

By the way, I love to see scantily clad women as long as it’s tastefully done, for a beautiful woman’s body is one of God’s greatest creations. So don’t get me wrong, I’m merely pointing out that women dress for sex and know exactly what they’re doing.

To add to this, during the carnival revelry the sex act is often simulated right out there in the open, on the street, in broad daylight under the broiling sun. Dressed for sex? Of course.

That’s why some of those high schools for girls have this strict dress code insisting that the girls wear long frocks, sometimes down to their ankles. The decree is, “You will dress appropriately with a modicum of decency, you will not dress for sex.”

Similarly, other institutions have strict dress codes for women. No sleeveless blouses, no miniskirts, no tight shorts, no sexy jeans. Can you imagine women in courthouse, church or Parliament dressed in those seductive garments? And even in courthouse there’s the accusatory term, “She was dressed seductively, Your Honour.”

The Bible said: “Rend you heart and not your garments.” If worn in church they would surely be rent from the ladies. Rent, past tense of rend. And no, it’s not render your garments either.

A woman knows how to dress when she wants to catch a man — she dresses for sex, sometimes in the most overt way, other times in the most subtle, covert way. Let’s take it to the baseline of women who dress for sex, the prostitutes, the harlots, the ladies of the night, the streetwalker, the whore of Babylon. How does she dress if not for sex?

They wear the most revealing outfits with cut-outs, cleavage showing, glutes bulging, mons pubis protruding, and sometimes barely a sliver of fabric in the most indelicate of places to give the illusion of propriety. They are dressed for sex and exude more than that come-hither look.

In fact, they make it abundantly clear that they are wearing CFM clothes, and for the right price you can CFM all you want. What would be the point of going out there in business suits or formal wear? Wearing those won’t anounce a woman is dressed for sex, so she has to wear what’s appropriate for her line of work.

It’s said that every man has his price, but so does every lady of the night. Sometimes when my better half and I leave Carib Cinema after a movie, I will insist on driving the back roads to visually check out the fashion parade of the ladies of the night as they strut their stuff and parade around in their dressed for sex outfits.

It’s most entertaining to watch, although we can’t drive too slowly, lest they believe that we’re looking their business. The point is, they dress for sex, and whether they are ladies of the night or those foxy felines at a party, riding on the back of a bike in a b-rider, they are dressed for sex.

Some women carry it off passively as they exude sex appeal, while others go too far and might as well be butt-naked. Then there are some who, no matter what they wear, have the sex appeal of a hippo, and no amount of dressing for sex can help them.

Why do you think they have sexy lingerie and other types of clothes designed to entice men? That’s because women dress for sex. No woman who wants to seduce her man goes to bed wearing a formal pants suit.

Despite what some people have to say about a woman having the right to wear whatever she wants wherever she wants, take heed that when you put butter a puss mouth, him going to lick it.

Dress for sex yes, but make sure that you don’t excite the wrong target who will rend your garment.

More time.



Footnote: In the past I have written about forgiving but not forgetting. Well, I encountered a young lady who wrote this book titled, Forgiveness Heals All Wounds. Usually it’s time heals all wounds, but the author, Christeena Mais, a lady from humble beginnings who’s now a lawyer, fervently believes that forgiveness heals all wounds. Her journey is fascinating as she chronicles her life of trials and tribulation, cruelty, hurt, pain, rejection and suffering meted out to her by others, especially her own father. Yet she managed to forgive, which has made her a better person and free of anger. It’s a fascinating read and reaffirms any failing faith that we sometimes experience. Forgiveness heals all wounds.

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