Tactical Breach Wizards looks like an unofficial Bright game

A lot of things can be said about 2017’s Bright, but it did spark interest in the somewhat underutilised subgenre of fantasy elements in a modern setting, and now an upcoming game called Tactical Breach Wizards is set to give us another dose.

As you may have guessed by the fantastically descriptive title, this game sees wizards decked out in modern tactical equipment infiltrating “drug dens and terrorist hideouts”.

This game is being developed by Suspicious Developments which, by their site’s own description, is “a thinly veiled corporate front for the game development efforts of Tom Francis”. You may know Francis for Gunpoint and Heat Signature, and he announced the game recently on Twitter together with a ten minute gameplay explanation you can watch below.

As a short summary: Tactical Breach Wizards is a turn and grid-based strategy game with a focus on character story

In the video we are shown two characters in the Riot Priest and the Witch Cop, the designs of both which we love, especially the cop who seems to have a witch’s broom, but a tacticool one that folds up and is kept on her back.

Right now the game is planned to have a story campaign around eight hours long together with a conversation mechanic that happens outside of the combat, which makes up the bulk of this first reveal.

Those who like these kind of games but find most of them crushingly difficult will be happy to see how much the title lets you experiment and test your actions before committing to them.

There’s a bit more information about the title on Steam where it already has a Store page. Those looking to play it soon may be discouraged to find no release date with just “when it’s done” marked down as the available date.

While not at all connected to this game, we did want to mention one thing about Francis. We were peaking around his blog for more information about this game when we found a post about him donating $50K to charity after his games were successful. From the video narration and this post, Francis seems like an awesome guy outside of his obvious game dev skills.

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